About Us
We are a family of hunters from Michigan who love the outdoors and love to share our passion with others. Hunting and fishing has been passed down in our family for many generations and it has brought us closer together. Our goal is to create a community with fellow outdoors enthusiasts, not only for entertainment, but also to provide helpful and meaningful information. In addition to reaching those who share in our passion for the outdoors, we hope to encourage the next generation to unplug from all of the technology, slow down from the fast pace of life , and just enjoy God's creation. One great way to do that is to grab a fishing pole, a bag of teriyaki jerky, and go out to the lake with dad or your big brother. I'm thankful that I had grandparents, a dad, and big brothers that took me outdoors and taught me how to fish and hunt. It didn't take long for me to realize that not everyone has that same opportunity. There have been countless times where we've asked someone if they've ever gone hunting or fishing and they reply with, "No, but I would like to". The reality is the next generation doesn't experience outdoors because the generation before them isn't passing it down, or didn't have it passed down to them. Not everyone has a biological big brother to teach them about fishing and hunting like I did, but there is a sort of brotherhood among outdoorsmen. We want to grow that brotherhood by inviting you to come along with us as we share our stories in the great outdoors.


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Rob's Oldest Son